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Dark Espresso Powder

Dark Espresso Powder

A combination of Arabica beans from Central America and Robusta from North Asia, the result is a full-bodied and creamy wind and a nutty and chocolatey taste.

How to prepare:

To brew this type of coffee in Moka pot, separate the coffee basket from the body of the machine and pour coffee powder in it. Pour hot drinking water into the lower tank up to the mark, then assemble the device and place it on the gas flame. Serve the coffee in the cup after the extraction process.

Net Weight 250 gr
Packaging Type Aluminum envelope
Packaging Color Violet
Production License No. 50/21489
Certificated ISO 9001- ISO 22000 – HACCP

Kind of Beans Arabica & Robusta
Type Hybrid
Degree of roasting Dark
Mill Degree Tiny

Taste Cocoa – Chocolcate – Nuts
Body 4
Acidity 2
Sweetness 3
Bitterness 4

Coffee brewing tool Moka pot, Espresso Machine,